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Opening up to the energies we give and receive from the universe can be frightening. Am I opening myself up to something unsavory? Am I going to get taken advantage of? Am I just going to hear things that can apply to everyone? Am I, Am I, Am I? As someone who understands these fears, as a former skeptic myself, let me guide you through interpreting the energies you are giving out to the world. 

It’s been my experience that many have the knowledge they seek deep within them, and simply need the right guidance to find the answers they have buried inside.

All of this may sound like it is shrouded in mysticism but trust me when I tell you it is not. I like to keep my readings like my day to day life, informal and unpretentious. If you are looking for a fortune teller who will predict your future: I am not your lady. If you are looking for a vessel who will gather the energy you send out so we can make sense of the right now to have a better informed path towards the future: chat me up, fam. 


Services I Offer

Full Transparency Tarot Spreads

Straight forward readings that give insight into your current sitch

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Custom Readings

A more personalized Reading for the times a general reading won't cut it for you

Add - On Photos Available

Looking to share your reading?
Receive a photo of your reading with the deck of your choosing.
Do it for the 'gram.


Unsure of a reading to choose? Contact me to discuss the best reading for the situation.


Get to know Tarot Qween


I am a thirtysomething year old Taurus who defines myself as "Catholic Plus." I grew up in a multi-denominational home, with the Plus (burning candles, keeping quartz clusters, releasing things bundled in cloth into the ocean) in the background. As a child I wasn't allowed to ask questions or participate. Many years later I would be invited into this world, begin to explore my inner bruja, and feel a strong connection with the Tarot Cards. 

Other than Tarot I enjoy hanging out with my love & our 2 dogs, eating good food, following Drag Queens on social media, playing Pokemon, and sending memes to my best friends. 


Contact Me


Feel free to reach out with any questions!

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